Jack Forrest – Outside Sales / Account Manager

Jack ForrestHow many engineers does it take to change a light bulb?  None. They are all too busy trying to design the perfect light bulb! Jack earned his PEng and took up the torch in his father’s company 37 years ago. Today, Jack is a determined relationship builder in the technical specification community with an uncommon drive to deliver commercial & hydronic specs that ensure the right product is presented to meet the application’s need. He understands the life cycle, the client and the product inside and out.  From CIPH to ASHRAE meetings, Jack is truly dedicated to the people that make the plumbing industry and through his creative salesmanship, it shows. When not stimulating demand for AFS product lines and tracking specs with the tenacity of a Jack Russell Terrier, you can find him, together with his wife, doing all things including outdoor running, hiking and tennis as well as exploring new places together.


Phone: 403-243-7001 ext. 108
Email: jackforrest@allanforrest.com

Posted in: Calgary