Greg LeClair – Principal Interactions Orchestrator

Greg LeClairGreg is a fixture at AFS. He is a life-line to almost anyone in any segment of our business. From the unmistakable laugh to the cheerful greeting on the phone line, Greg lives, breathes and eats inside sales at AFS. (We suspect he might sleep here too!) Since 1984 Greg has grown with the company bringing it to new heights delivering a customer service experience that to this day is unparalleled in the local industry. Greg is proud to know that AFS has been a part of supplying building materials for many of the buildings that grace our city and other parts of the province. Speaking of which, on the rare occasion when Greg leaves the building of AFS, he enjoys photographing that very architecture that adorns our city bringing a keen eye to the splendor and design of every structure.


Phone: 403-243-7001 ext. 102

Posted in: Calgary