Don Samson – President / Outside Sales / Account Manager

Don SamsonThe leader of the pack. As president of AFS, Don leads the team with an unending desire to exceed not just the customer’s expectations but also the manufacturers we represent. Not a guy to take the limelight, he nevertheless strives to creatively position AFS as a company of “firsts” while providing a diverse offering of industry leading brands in every segment from commercial to residential  construction. Don’s motto is “Be memorable” and with 39 years of serving the industry he has proven that innovation is a moving target that challenges the AFS team to grow, reach new heights and ultimately stay fresh and memorable. Although Don enjoys building relationships in all areas of the industry, he currently spends most of his time in the residential builder segment as well as overseeing the operation of Allan Forrest. If Don has free time to spare, he spends it on the golf course, following Formula 1 or enjoying a warm day in Arizona.


Phone: 403-243-7001 ext. 105

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